Delivery Information

Here at Home and Love, we have a dedicated and friendly customer service team who work with various couriers to ensure our delivery service is prompt and reliable. If you have any questions regarding delivery, you will find all of the information you need here in this guide. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, try our detailed Delivery Policy.

Home and Love' Guarantee

Here at Home and Love, we pride ourselves on being a trust-worthy retailer of high quality products. To give you peace of mind, here's some information about our manufacturer's guarantee:

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, the five years guarantee is provided with each product bought after 1 July 2016, with a 1 year's guarantee for purchases before this date.
Ensure all labels are in tact and not removed, as this may void the warranty.
This guarantee covers defects in materials and craftsmanship in the components of a Home and Love product during normal domestic use only.
In accordance of Home and Love' Terms and Conditions, and the law.

Important Information

In the unlikely case where you believe to have identified a manufacturing fault, the product must be subject to the Home and Love' guarantee and you must report the fault within 30 days from the delivery date. You will have the option to receive a refund for the price of the faulty product and, if applicable, any shipping charges paid for this product. Unless advised otherwise, goods may also eligible for collection. If we confirm that the product has a manufacturing fault and is hence covered by this guarantee, at our sole discretion, we have the right to:

    • Replace parts rather than the full product where applicable


    • Replace the defective product with the same product or, if discontinued, the closest possible alternative


    • Pay the costs of postage and return


    • Ship the replacement parts or the replaced product back to you


    • If you accept discount due to a small fault, the right to return due to this issue will be voided


    • Home and Love will endeavour to organise replacements where required as quickly as possible, but customers should be aware of possible delays if third party suppliers need further instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Guarantee cover?


This guarantee covers defects in materials and craftsmanship in the components of a Home and Love product during normal domestic use only. It also covers the deterioration of mattresses. Deterioration that causes the mattress to have a visible indentation or sag equal to or larger than 2.5 inches (6 cm), as long as that indentation or sag has not resulted from use of the mattress on an unsuitable surface. Other acceptable classification of the deterioration of mattresses includes any physical flaw in a mattress that causes the mattress material to split or crack. As long as the mattress has only been used for normal domestic use and has not been handled improperly, the guarantee is still valid. In regards to Home and Love bed frames, divan beds, furniture, etc, the guarantee covers any fault or where the product has been used appropriately in domestic use.

What doesn’t the Guarantee cover/when does it become void?


The guarantee is void if the product is found to have been mistreated/damaged, this includes; splits, burns, breakages, spillage and stains.

This also applies if the product has not been maintained/cared for in accordance with the care instructions advised, including failing to use furniture pads on non carpeted surfaces, the turning of mattresses where applicable, a normal increase of the softness of the mattress or any other use of the product other than for normal domestic purposes.

Our general Terms & Conditions describe what conditions should be met so that the mattress has the tension displayed on the product page. Our product pages describe and display the product as accurately as possible. Please note that the resolution, colour settings and other characteristics of the device where the product page is viewed may cause the product to look slightly different online than it looks in reality.

Unfortunately the guarantee is made void for any product that has been altered. This includes all products, but an example of one being ‘altered’ would be a bedframe with a hole drilled through it.

The guarantee is also void for products sold by a reseller, used by someone other than the owner making a claim, or any product sold “as-is”, “preconditioned”, “reconditioned”, “used”, “returned”, “previously owned”, or any other similar wording indicating that the product is not “new”.

What else is considered mistreatment of a product?


This includes using a mattress without bed linen, subjecting the product to excessive wear and tear (such as sitting on a mattress edge for a long time), using the incorrect side when sleeping on a 'Non-Turn' mattress, using a mattress on an old or unsuitable base (or a surface for which it was not designed), rolling or bending a mattress, improper assembly of a bed frame, divan bed base or headboard causing any part to split or break overloading the drawers in a bed base. Overloading may cause distortion or damage to the drawers and may also cause them to jam. Therefore, mini drawers should not be loaded in excess of 7 kg, and standard drawers – 15 kg.

When does the Guarantee start and finish?


The guarantee starts on the date of delivery of the product and finishes at the end of the 5th year from that date.

All damage must be reported within 24 hours of occurrence. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to claim on your 5 year guarantee.

Please do not dispose of the item until we have either accepted or declined your claim according to the terms of our manufacturer's guarantee.

What do I need to make a claim?


Most or all of the following are request to make a claim: images/videos showing the defect, measurement of indentations/sags, weight of product user(s), claimant name and address, order number, full description of complaint, and type of surface the mattress has been used on (if a mattress is claimed to be faulty).

What happens if the product is not covered by the Guarantee?


If the product is not covered by the guarantee, we will ask you if you would like a replacement product sent to you (at your cost) or if you would like us to handle the disposal of it (at your cost).